Is your dog reactive?
Your puppy doesn't listen?
Do you have problems with leash pulling?
Or everything mentioned above...? 

Do not hesitate anymore and decide for better future with your dog today!

" With over a decade of specialized experience in canine behavior and training, I've had the opportunity to work extensively with breeds spanning the globe, addressing a broad spectrum of behavioral issues." 

Who are we?

From a young age, sitting at books or on the computer, I studied each breed individually at first, but over the years I began to delve into behavioural patterns, body language and the psychology of dogs.

I continued to improve my knowledge by following many of the world's legends in the dog world such as Victoria Stillwell, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sean O'Shea, Heather Beck, Marc Goldberg, etc.

In December 2022 I moved to Brussels to train as a trainer of police and military dogs. I was of course aiming to gain as much experience as possible and to acquire new knowledge in a different field, which is a bit more systematic. However, as such training takes its financial toll, I decided to earn my living as a dog trainer.

Through all the years of training and studying dog behaviour, I began to understand one thing above all. Most of the dogs I accept into my programs are humanised and as a result, unhappy and frustrated. The fact that people get their dogs for often -- and mostly -- selfish reasons is no longer unknown today. As a result, many owners find themselves at dead end with their dogs and their behavioural problems.


Dogs are valued members of the family. But when your furry friend destroys your belongings, pulls you on walks, jumps on your friends and ignores your commands, it can cause stress in relationship with your dog. DAVINCI is a professional dog trainer who, through years of experience, has focused on giving dog owners around the world the tools to build strong relationships with their canine companions through effective training - now offered also virtually! Our virtual programmes allow you to benefit from our expertise wherever you are. Whether you have a specific problem you're working on with your dog, want to train your puppy for basic obedience, or perfect leash walking with an adult dog, DAVINCI can provide one-on-one mentoring via Zoom (or your preferred video chat platform) to give you all the tools you need to succeed.



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